February 28, 2017

Plyocide Workout Review

Plyocide is a DVD workout from the P90X One on One Volume 3 series. Clocking in at 66 minutes, Plyocide will definitely challenge even the best athlete!

In contrast to the P90X Plyo X workout, there are not as many moves that go super deep. Instead, many of these moves explode up with speed! Plyocide includes 20 explosive exercises ranging from rope jumps, to half pipe spins, and weighted quick jumps!

Tony fires up the workout with a couple of minutes of jump rope, working on those calves, achilles, and get the blood pumping. You’ll need a jump rope, the adjustable type works best. Oh, and don’t forget your water bottle, you’ll need that too!

Don’t skip the stretching and yoga moves that follow! You’ll need to stretch your legs, hip flexors, and spine to prepare for the pure plyometrics torture that is coming.

Plyometic moves start with a lot of jumping – side to side and one foot at a time on your toes. Yikes! It’s already difficult but your calves will look great!

If that’s not hard enough, next up is “Killer Catherine Lunges”. These are not your regular “Mary Catherines”. You hold a medicine ball with two hands and go from side to side with the medicine ball while doing the lunges fast!

This workout is really about taking many exercises you are already familiar with to a higher level. We all know “Chair Pose” in yoga. But have you ever done chair pose while jumping and then switching to running? It’s a challenge and not for the faint of heart.

I kept up with most of the workouts but the 180 spins were just not happening for me. Tony warns that if you get dizzy, please stop! So I did! Spinning is not my thing but you may love it!

“Lunge Jump Lunge” requires a box. You lunge towards the box and then straddle the box and jump side to side.

Overall P90X One on One Plyocide is a great, challenging workout. If you have knee problems, I don’t recommend it for you with all the hopping and jumping. If you are without knee problems, go for it!

If you get through this one, let me know :)

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