February 28, 2017

Ab Ripper X 2 Review

Ab Ripper X 2 (ARX2) is the number 2 disc in the new Volume 3 P90X One on One series. The tip of the day for these workout is “perfect your form!” At 47 minutes long, Tony goes through the intense ab core moves and when his form starts going south and he cannot do them properly, he stops and goes to the next move.

Tony has never done this sequence of ab exercises. There are 20 sets of killer core moves! When these ab routines makes it to the all new P90X:MC2, Tony will try to keep it under 30 minutes.

ARX2 begins with a nice hamstring stretch for a couple of minutes. Then it’s on to Ab Ripper X 2 move number 1 – Banana 2 Crunch! There are no planned number of reps for these core ab exercises – Tony Horton does as many as he can and you should too! The average reps range from 10 to 30.

Although the ARX2 DVD is 47 minutes, you have lots of time inbetween ab exercises as Tony is taking notes and talking about the exercises. Remember, this is the making of P90X:MC2. When the new P90X:MC2 comes out, you can be sure that you won’t have all that time inbetween exercises!

Make no mistake, these Ab Ripper X 2 exercises are a core killer! They are much tougher than the exercises in P90X Ab Ripper X. What is different about Ab Ripper X vs. Ab Ripper X 2? P90X Ab Ripper X exercises use shorter range of motion making it easier to do higher reps. With Ab Ripper X 2, the exercises are so dynamic, with so many more muscle groups involved, it’s harder to get those high reps. But you will get a more intense workout!

You be engaging your abs from every angle with moves like Sissor Twist, Oblique Roll Crunch, and The Abronome! These exercises are core shredders! I am happy to report that I hung in there and did them all. What can I say? I am a P90X grad afterall! I was breaking a sweat after this ARX2 workout and struggled, believe me!

Tony finishes out the Ab Ripper X 2 workout with Bicycle 100. This exercise alone could possibly be your whole ab routine!

Ab Ripper X 2 is a great workout! Takes a little longer then it needs to with Tony taking notes and talking, but for the abs-core exercises, it’s worth it! Need  6-pack abs? Get this workout DVD!

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