February 28, 2017


P90X is an extreme fitness program designed to transform your body in 90 days. Trainer Tony Horton gives you extreme exercise moves to challenge your muscles and give you amazing results. What Can You Expect with P90X? You will get in the best shape of your life with it. This 90-day fitness program will help you develop skills, coordination, and flexiblilty… [more]

P90X P90X

Volume 3

dy P90X One on One Volume 3 started in July 2010! With P90X One on One, you will experience the making of the next P90X - P90X:MC2! This P90X One on One series is like no other because Tony is testing out new P90X routines with YOU! Can you feel the intense muscle confusion? That's what it's all about - MC2 or Muscle Confusion 2. You get to experience… [more]

Volume 3 Volume 3

Featured P90X One on One Workout Reviews

Diamond Delts Review

P90X One On One Diamond Delts is a intense workout that focuses on your shoulders and deltoids. Unlike many of the Tony Horton One on One workouts that work multiple muscles, in Diamond Delts, the main goal is working your deltoids. Tony rotates though the exercises with a small break between sets. The sets consist of multiple versions of shoulder fly's, shoulder presses, upright row, and pikes … [Read More...]

Plyocide Workout Review

Plyocide is a DVD workout from the P90X One on One Volume 3 series. Clocking in at 66 minutes, Plyocide will definitely challenge even the best athlete! In contrast to the P90X Plyo X workout, there are not as many moves that go super deep. Instead, many of these moves explode up with speed! Plyocide includes 20 explosive exercises ranging from rope jumps, to half pipe spins, and weighted quick … [Read More...]

Base and Back Review

P90X One on One Base and Back  combines Pull-ups and Plyometrics. For the warm-up Tony Horton starts out with 2 minutes of jump rope, which is an enjoyable change from the typically running in place that starts off many of the P90X workouts. The warm-up continues with a basic 10-minute yoga routine. Tony then moves onto the typical P90X One on One stretching. As fifty percent of this workout … [Read More...]

On One Leg 4 Legs Review

Tony works the biggest muscles in your body while forcing you to work on one leg! The benefits of this routine will be apparent as you build strength, stamina, and balance. One on One On One Leg for Legs is especially great if you play sports! Set aside 48 minutes for this One on One workout. Tony starts out with a whacky 5 minute warmup where he just moves and jumps around the room to loosen up … [Read More...]